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Vida Alergo Care was founded to provide physicians with tools to better serve their patients while making their practice thrive!

The Vida team brings a complete service to fit each practice, integrating diagnosis and treatment to provide an additional tool for patient well-being along with the convenience of being treated by their preferred physician.


Allergy Program

Vida Alergo Care combines efficient management, quality healthcare assistance, and centralized service in providing in-house allergy testing and treatment solutions.

Our goal is to provide a turn-key program enabling physicians to effortlessly increase revenue, expand offerings, and retain patients.


Vida Alergo Care Support

  • Training : A certified medical assistant will be fully prepared to perform all Allergy Lab duties on-site on a daily basis
  • Quality Assurance : Our specialists oversee every aspect of implementation to ensure a smooth introduction to your practice, and provide continuous support for optimal performance.
  • Management : Our management team coordinates a smooth operation of the program and addresses all needs of the Allergy Lab.
  • Billing : Our specialized billing department is dedicated to allergy testing and immunotherapy claims keeping their finger on the pulse of the ever changing health care environment.
  • Marketing : All materials for patient education will be provided, as well as website and social media content.

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“Over 100 years of scientific research and medical practice have proven that the only lasting relief from allergies is immunotherapy.”

The Academy of Allergy and Asthma in Primary Care


What Is Immunotherapy

Allergen immunotherapy (IT) is a proactive therapeutic modality directed towards diminishing a patient’s sensitivity to allergens. IT consists of exposing patients to increasing amounts of the allergens they are sensitive to throughout the course of treatment which can last from 1 to 5 years. Immunotherapy desensitizes the patient to the allergens that trigger allergic symptoms ultimately allowing patients to be exposed to these allergens without any subsequent allergic reaction. The results of IT can be life-changing and dramatically improve quality of life.

Why Choose Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is the only proactive treatment solution for allergies. Over-the-counter or prescription medications are reactive methods of treatment that only address symptoms after a reaction has already erupted. This perpetual cycle brings a long list of side effects, dependency, and expenses. The remaining alternative is avoidance of allergens, limiting experiences and freedom one has in daily life. Immunotherapy actually builds patients’ immunity to allergens instead of masking symptoms.


Many common substances can be allergens. Pollens, food, mold, dust, feathers, animal dander, chemicals, and environmental pollutants cause people to suffer allergic reactions.

  • Pollen arises from trees, grass, and weeds – it floats in the air during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. As these pollens travel in the air people encounter them in their noses, eyes, ears, and mouths. Small particles of pollen are easily carried through long distances by wind and tend to cause allergies.
  • Mold is a fungus, typically found in damp dark places. These microscopic spores also fly in the air and trigger allergy symptoms. Mold colonies reproduce and release spores year-round, they become dormant when temperatures drop below freezing but do not die.


Allergies should not be viewed as a simple bother, left untreated.

Allergy Immunotherapy is a proactive solution for diminishing allergic symptoms which can negatively impact children's performance in school, adults’ productivity at work, and even participation in outdoor activities.

What Are Allergies?

Allergy symptoms appear when the immune system reacts to an allergic substance that has entered the body as though it was an un-welcomed invader. The immune system will produce special antibodies capable of recognizing the same allergic substance if it enters the body at a later time. When an allergen reenters the body, the immune system rapidly recognizes it causing a series of reactions. These reactions often involve the production of many inflammatory substances including histamine. Histamine produces common allergy symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes, nasal and sinus congestion, headaches, sneezing, scratchy throat, shortness of breath, etc. Other less common symptoms are skin irritations such as eczema, and even respiratory problems like asthma.


Allergy Myths and Facts


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